MASTER BAG 350 FB series is applied to produce a wide range of microwaveable food bags
that are entirely food-safe, RECYCLABLE IN ITS ENTIRETY, fully biodegradable, and ecologically beneficial.
the rapidly expanding demand for hot meals from the travel airlines, catering and hospitality industry as well as the takeaway and restaurant food business
guarantees that microwave bags are the best option without limit in the expanding bag market in the growing bag industry

microwave bags are an Excellent choice for storing Hot Sandwiches, croissants, Popcorn, bagel bites, chips, baked potato, brown rice, fish, hot dog, and chicken.
guarantees that microwave bags are the best option with no restrictions in the expanding bag market. Hot sandwiches, croissants, popcorn, bagels, chips, baked potatoes, brown rice, salmon, hot dogs, and chicken are all great for keeping.

• Hydraulic system to unwind the paper roll, easy and fast to change the roller.
• paper tension adopts a magnetic powder brake, making the paper feeding more stable and evenly.
• Hydraulic System: The side position adjustment adopts the ultrasonic system, more stable, Will not cause errors because of paper dust, more accurate than ordinary photoelectric sensors.
• Paper sheet the automatic servo motor source correction system: fast response and make sure to save the correction time.
• Infrared sensor to make the machine stop when lake of material or broken material.
• Automatic side glueing system, that can adjust the glue volume.
• Senor to achieve the automatic colour mark position adjustment, adopts the German brand SICK.
• Paper sheet tooth break is controlled by servo motor, and adopts high-speed uniform rotation piercing hole to make the cutting of good quality, adopts Yaskawa from Japan.
• Adopting the integral tube template mounting frame adjustment structure, multi-directional adjustment is simple, convenient and fast.
• The paper tube forming adopts an integrated tube forming adjustment structure by the wheel, more simple, convenient, fast and stable.
• Bag tube body pull-apart is controlled by a servo motor system, adopted by Yaskawa from Japan.
• Automatically bottom glueing system with glue position detection Photoelectric sensor.
• Saving energy pressure glue barrel, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to use and pressure saving.
• Installed with the Internet module, it can update the system at any time through the Internet. It can be operated remotely and provide quick and easy after-sales service.
• Automatic counting system with counting sensor system, easy for finished bag packing.
• Touch screen adopts the Weinview brand from Taiwan, easy to control.
• Max. Paper Bag Speed: 50-720 pcs/min | 5-120 m/min
• Machine Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases, 4 wires
• Power: 26 KW
• Weight: 6500 KGS
• Dimension: L 7300 x W 2260 x H 2000 mm
• Power: 3 Phases, 380V ±10%, 50 Hz
• Compressed Air: Pressure: 0.6 MPa | Oil and Humidity: ? 8 mg/m3
• Installation Height: Max. altitude: 1500 m
• Ambient Requirement: Relative Moisture: Max. 65% when 40 °C | Temperature Range: 10~40 °C
• PLC: Yaskawa (Japan)
• Servo Motor: Yaskawa (Japan)
• Servo Driver: Yaskawa (Japan)
• Frequency Converter: Yaskawa (Japan)
• Cylinder: AirTac (Taiwan)
• Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus: EATON (USA)
• Normal Button: EATON (USA)
• Emergency Button: EATON (USA)
• Rotation Switch: EATON (USA)
• Bearing: NSK (Japan)
• Solenoid valve: AirTac (Taiwan)
Bag Making
350 FB

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