Otto Künnecke KS 104


For reliable 24/7 production, the KS 104 is the ideal system. Quick ROI, stable performance and longevity make this machine a good investment for middle-sized and big production volumes. Exact results are achieved by the fully automatic sheet supply and the products are kept at a high quality level.
Sheet supply
Sheets are stacked up on a mobile trolley and afterwards are placed in the entrance of the feeder. After job starts, the sheets are automatically separated from the pile and are carried to the Y-axis adjustment to check the correct positioning before being punched. At the same time it is checked whether two sheets lie on top of each other to make sure that only one sheet set or laminated sheet is processed.

Punching unit
The punch is driven by a high performance heavy-duty servo motor. Before the punch, every card row is identified to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. Cards of every sheet are collected after the punch under the column rack and the card grid scrap is collected in a waste container. Optionally a perforation module can be also integrated. With which, among other things, holes can be punched out for key fobs, gift cards, or other small items.

Product output
Up to 500 punched cards are automatically stacked in magazines. If a magazine is filled, it is carried to the output, while an empty magazine from the supply buffer is brought into position to take up the next cards. Moreover, on the product output, different assortments can be carried out according to machine layout. This can be decided by the operator at the start of the job.

Throughput up to 17.000 ID 1 cards/hour (depending on the material)
Operators needed 1
Power supply 3ϕ, 400v 50/60Hz
Footprint Ca. 3000 x 1800 x 1600 mm
Compressed air Min. 8 bar, ca. 500 l/min.
Precision ±100µ distance to registration marks
Temperature/Humidity Optimal: 20-25°C room temperature, 60 % relative humidity
Otto Künnecke
KS 104

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