Master Bag 400 2 color printing


MASTER BAG 400 machine is equipped with advanced technology that allows for the production of high-quality eco-friendly paper bags. The Master Bag 400 is an ideal solution for businesses in industries such as bakeries, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and retail outlets, where eco-friendly paper bags are essential.

The machine is designed to produce a variety of paper bag sizes, which can be customized to suit the specific needs of your customers business. The bags produced are perfect solution for packaging needs.

With its advanced FLEXO printing unit, the Master Bag 400 can print up to two colors, allowing you to add brand name, logo, or other designs to your bags. This printing technology ensures that the bags produced by this machine are of exceptional quality.
• The Control System: The machine uses Mitsubishi Japan electrical control system, to ensure the machine running more stable.
• The Screen: With high speed and high precision, adopt humanized design touch screen.
• The Speed: Perfect high-speed perforating double knife system. The collection unit uses a special system, sufficiently solving the collection and counting problem.
• The Stand: Roll stand equipped with a Hydraulic lifting tension control system.
• The Color: Printing capabilities till four colours can be upgraded any time the main body is prepared easily to be installed.
• The Senor: Senor to achieve the automatic colour mark position adjustment.
• The Air Shaft: The feeding roller is an air shaft: easy to lock the paper roller by air.
• The Tension: The paper tension adopts a magnetic powder brake, which is more stable and evenly.
• The Gluing System: Automatically bottom glueing system with glue position detection Photoelectric sensor.
• The Ultrasonic: Adopts the ultrasonic system sensor, will not cause errors because of paper dust, more accurate than ordinary photoelectric sensors.
• The Paper Sheet: Paper sheet the automatic source correction system: fast response and make sure saving the correction time.
• The Servo System: Bag tube body transaction and the main motor all by servo motor system.
• The Paper Tube: The paper tube forming adopts an integrated tube forming adjustment.
• The Cut: Mechanical cutting system can make the cut in good quality.

Technical Data
• Bag Length (L) : 160-450 mm
• Bag Width (W) : 80-250 mm
• Side Insert Width (G) : 20-120 mm
• Bag Mouth Height: 15/20 mm
• Max. Bag Speed : 100-400 pcs/min
• Paper Thickness: 40-80 g/m2
• Paper Roll Width: Max 800 mm
• Paper Roll Diameter: Día 1000 mm
• Inner Diameter of the Paper Roll: Día 76 mm
• Max. Printing Roller Width: 800 mm
• Max. Printing Speed: 50 meters/mins
• Printing Plate Thickness: 2.38 mm
• Machine Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase, 4 wires
• Power: 22 KW
• Weight: 5500 KGS
• Dimension: L 7500 x W 2200 x H 2500 mm
Bag Making
Paper BAG

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