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Master Bag has accumulated deep knowledge in the field of paper bag machine equipment, which enables them to continue to lead the innovation in this field, all models perfectly fit the unique needs of paper bags, to provide the perfect solution for each customer’s unique requirements.

The choice of Master Bag means the choice of superior service and quality, strong productivity, ease of use, and of course, ultra high efficiency and precision. 

Quality is the life of an enterprise. Excellence and persistent enterprising are the eternal spirit of Master Bag’s pursuit of quality. To this end, the company has established a fully implemented 6S management system and laid a good first step foundation for the production of high-quality machine


Rolling feed, square bottom paper bag making machine, uses paper roll in blank or printed as a raw material. It consists of automatic centre, forward glue, printing tracking, fixed length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom and bottom glue. 

Bag bottom forming and finished bag collecting one time. This machine is more convenient, more efficient and more stable. It can produce a variety of different paper bags including; leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and so much more. It is an environmentally friendly paper bag machine option.

The machine is suitable for many kinds of environmental protection paper roll such as Kraf paper, butter paper, food grade film coated paper, medical paper and much more. It is piercing, paper edge gluing, color standard length fixing (or fixed length), raw material forming, length fixing breaking, bottom folding, bottom gluing, forming and other processes in one line.

It is for producing environmental protection paper bags of various specifications and sizes, such as sharp bottomed paper bags, bread bags with windows, leisure food bags, dry fruit bags, etc.


Ideal for producing mid-size paper bag.

The paper bag machine series is applied to produce many types of paper bags with round handles, such as food paper bags, shopping bags and so on. This machine can produce paper bags with a variety of sizes at a high speed, thus is especially suitable for being applied in the food and clothing industries.

This machine is composed of drum feeding (pneumatic feeding, automatic deviation correction, tension adjustment), side gluing, printing paper electric eye tracking, base paper into cylinder, fixed-length drawing cutting, bag bottom indentation opening, bag bottom gluing forming, bag out finishing and so on.


Gutenberg  MASTER BAG SFT350
Gutenberg MASTER BAG SFT350
Block bottom  MASTER BAG  550 Carrier Bag Machine
Block bottom MASTER BAG 550 Carrier Bag Machine
Fast Food Take Away Square Bottom Paper Bag Machines
Fast Food Take Away Square Bottom Paper Bag Machines
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With the diversity in our stock for any type of equipment, we are able to offer you a wide range of machines, available from most brands and provide you with the right solution.



Gutenberg’s eco-conscious mission, is aiming towards an ongoing goal of being to be a partner in the “Trees for All” initiative. The initiative plans on sustaining a total of 43 hectares of new forests, We will take pride in being part of this project as this is part of the ‘1 Million Trees Action Plan’ from the province of Limburg.

Beehive Paper bag


Beehive is set on promoting sustainable practices and providing eco-friendly solutions to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact. We offer a range of biodegradable bags and food boxes.