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Let’s talk about Gutenberg, an internationally operating company serving equipment for manufacturers in packaging, printing, converting, processing, recycling, transportation, food, and pharmaceutical industry in global markets. 

We, at Gutenberg, believe in the future of our planet. In a cleaner, less polluted future for our children. A better Earth than the one we were born into. After starting up our company in 2015 in the Netherlands, we decided that becoming specialists in providing environmentally-friendly solutions is the way forward into the future.

We deeply believe that every step we make helps our planet, and are always looking for better solutions to fulfil this goal.

latest technological facilities | About Gutenberg

latest technological facilities

With a large range of equipment and a premise located in Netherlands GUTENBERG is equipped with all the latest technological facilities.

Our workshops represent a truly outstanding environment for the reconditioning and presentation of our stock. With the diversity in our stock for any type of equipment, we are able to offer you a wide range of machines, available from most brands and provide you with the right solution.

Experienced management team | Bout Gutenberg

experienced management team

Gutenberg has an experienced management team with knowledge, experience, and administrative skills. This specialist knowledge means that we are able to analyze your needs and provide you with a turnkey solution for your business. our mission is to cover new areas and is constantly increasing, from appraisals, purchasing ,dismantling and overhauling, to transportation, installation. Hence we are able serve the increasingly needs of untapped market with the ability to satisfy all needs.



Master Bag has accumulated deep knowledge in the field of paper bag machine equipment, which enables them to continue to lead the innovation in this field, all models perfectly fit the unique needs of paper bags, to provide the perfect solution for each customer’s unique requirements.

TREES FOR ALL | Gutenberg


Gutenberg’s eco-conscious mission, is aiming towards an ongoing goal of being to be a partner in the “Trees for All” initiative. The initiative plans on sustaining a total of 43 hectares of new forests, We will take pride in being part of this project as this is part of the ‘1 Million Trees Action Plan’ from the province of Limburg.

Beehive - promoting sustainable practices and providing eco-friendly solutions


Beehive is set on promoting sustainable practices and providing eco-friendly solutions to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact. We offer a range of biodegradable bags and food boxes.