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Category: Saddlestitchers
Year: 2004
Availability: 2022-04-12

6 station x Double Vertical Feeder Typ 1559
plus cover feeder
Stitching Unit Typ 1558
Three Knife Trimmer Müller Martini Typ 1522
Mechanical S...

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Category: Hard Cover Book Production
Year: 1980
Availability: Immediately

For cutting boards automatically into finished palletized blanks in one operating process, max. 200 cycles/min.
High-precision, accurate...

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Category: Booklet Production
Year: 2009
Availability: 2021-03-04

DUPLO DSF 2000 DOCUMENT SHEET FEEDER WITH DBM 120 stapler folder BOOKLET MAKER AND DBM 120 T TRIMMER, , The Duplo Digital System 2000 is a mid-volum...

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Category: Perfect Binders
Year: 1995
Availability: Immediately

Horizon BQ-240 was developed for operation by one person. All necessary mechanical setup is quite simple. With a maximum power 400 bindings per hour...

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Category: Die Cutting
Year: 1968
Availability: Immediately

Heidelberg Platen T with roller stop
26 x 38 cm, built-in 1968
very good condition, with parts

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Category: Envelope Production
Availability: immediately

FL Smithe - flat pocket and gusset with V bottom machine
W+D 141 G - envelope machine
W+D134 - window and strip patcher
W+D 26 G - small envelop...

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Category: Folding Machines
Year: 2020
Availability: 2020-09-25

MASTERFOLD MF120 is a multi-purpose functioning folding machine useful in the pharmaceutical and miniature book binding world Its durable construct...

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Category: Folding Machines
Year: 1996
Availability: Immediately

Tremat feeder,
1 Unit 4 Buckles 2 Unit 4 Buckles one knife
paper size is 105 x 150 mm
Paper format max 520 x 820 mm
parts and manuals
With Co...

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Category: Folding Machines
Year: 1994
Availability: Immediately


Flat pile Tremat feeder
1.station pockets T36/4.2
2.station pockets T36/2.1
Max sheet size: 360x650 mm
Min sheet size: 78x...

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Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Year: 2020
Availability: immediately


• Digital Coordinate Measurement and Indicators (Display Screen)
• Automatic back gauge orientation...

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Speed: 63

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