Caelum Stella


The top three factors killing your engine are: • Corrosion
• Abrasion
• Accumulated carbon
This accumulated carbon impacts your engine, shortens its service life dramatically, increases your risk of accidents, and, ultimately, harms the environment.
What does Caelum do?
Caelum helps you with:
• Extending your engine’s durability
• Protecting nature from harmful toxins
• Reducing its carbon emissions
• Reducing your fuel consumption
• Reducing exhaust and smoke emissions
Caelum’s cleaning effect
1 Caelum cleans the oxygen sensor, restoring the air- fuel ratio to about 14.7, which is close to the value of a new vehicle.
2 Caelum uses neutral negative oxygen ion repair fluid which is non-corrosive and protects oil seals, gaskets and engine parts.
3 Caelum uses the high-temperature of water vapor in decarbonisation, and sulphur and phosphorus mixture removal.
4 Caelum restores the activity of the three-way catalyst, reduces exhaust emissions, and helps your engine meet the exhaust emission detection standards.
5 Caelum improves the efficiency of the engine as a whole, thereby improving the fuel economy of the entire system.
Caelum’s Carbon Cleaner
Caelum Carbon Cleaner plays a major role in: • Completely removing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the engine.
• Allowing the fuel to burn fully, thus reducing the emission of CO2 compounds.
• Utilizing hydrogen to remove the carbon deposits which preserves the vehicle’s oil, oil seals, gaskets or the engine.
• Forbidding chemical compositions during carbon removal thus reducing environmental pollution.
• Reducing back pressure, pulling through the exhaust emission system, and improving your car’s performance.
What are the benefits?
Caelum provides special features and these include: • Improvement in your engine’s output horsepower and engine jitter.
• Environmental protection: reduction in air pollution, emissions reduction efforts, and fuel consumption.
• Easy disassembling any engine parts.
• Simple and clear operation process! Carbon removal time only takes from 20 to 40 minutes.
• Optimization in vehicle exhaust emissions- very smooth exhaust emissions testing

Input Voltage
220V ±10%, Single Phase, 50/60HZ Max, 16Amp Draw
Rate Capacity
3.5 KVA
Actual Power Consumption
3.5 KW/H
Working Pressure
= 0.09 MPA
Safe Pressure Protect Setting
= 0.19 MPA
Relative Humidity
= 90%
Rated Gas Output
1500 ±10% L/H
Max. Water Consumption
0.8 L/H
Cooling Method
Air Cooling by Fan
Insulation Grade
Protection Grade
Requirement For Water
Distilled Water
Working Style
Net Weight
242 Lbs
Dimensions - L*W*H
23.25” X 29.125” X 41”
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Caelum Stella CAR CARBON Cleaner
Caelum Stella CAR CARBON Cleaner