Cutoff Machine - Spoon Fork Knife Paper


It is now the right time to adopt more eco-friendly means to save our environment. One great way to do so is by using the CUTOFF machine that produces eco-friendly cutlery.

Paper feeding Pre-coating Laminating Die cutting Forming Glue sealing drying

The feeding paper has up to 9 layers of glue pre-coating and the raw paper has food grade protection glue, next, the papers are then hot pressed and laminated, so that the 9 layers of paper become 1 paper layer only. The die cutting occurs after the semi-finished products are outputted by a conveyor belt and collected manually.
Manually place the knife, fork, and spoon into the fixed fixture, the manipulator will move them to the forming station and will also move the slide to the molding machine to complete the shaping of the cutlery. After a cycle of 15 seconds, the shaping is done and the products are stacked on the conveyor belt by suction cups. They will then be collected and sorted.

Next, manually place the formed spoon/knife/fork into the fixture
to complete the waterproof glue sealing & drying process. Using the rail device,
the chain drives the product through the process of glue sealing, drying, collecting, and packaging.

Material Thickness 600-1000gsm
Total Power 80KW
Power Supply 380V,50HZ (220V 60HZ) (3 Phase, 4lines)
Air >2m³/min
Installation Area 100?
Weight 6000 kg

International brands ensure machine performance

schneider Electric

Die cutting servo motor
Glue disk servo motor
Manipulator servo motor
Roller servo motor
PLC control system
Touch screen

Touch screen DELTA
Converting Equipment
40 working days

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