Cut’N Punch - Roll Die Punching Cup Machine


It is the best-associated equipment for flexo printing machines.

CNP roll automatic punching machine is a good choice for punching and die-cutting paper cup fan with different sizes by changing moulds, high speed and good performance with stripping.

The Gravity: The centre gravity of the rubber roller moves forward to stabilize the machine structure, and shorten the distance of feeding paper. That minimizes jitter; makes sure paper feeding is stable and fast.
The Rubber Roll: The front rubber roller adjusts the balance of paper in the horizontal direction.
The Metal Die: The metal die is connected by four joints, the support force is enhanced. It prolongs machine life, improves stability; and significantly reduces the noise when the machine is running.
The Oil Injection: Automatic oil injection system. It can be set for two hours one time, to reduce the machine abrasion, prolong machine life.

Technical Data
• Cut Precision: ± 0.10 mm
• Production Capacity: Metal die made in Germany/Switzerland: 300-380 times/min
Metal die made in Japan: 200-240 times/min
• Metal Die Life: Metal die made in Germany/Switzerland: 600.000.000 times
Metal die made in Japan: 200.000.000.times
• Max die cutting size: 850*350 mm; 1150*350 mm (optional)
• Suitable Material: 120-400 g/m2 PE Coated Paper, White Cardboard Paper
• Power: 10 KW
• Weight: 3000 KGS
• Overall Dimension: L 3500 x W 2100 x H 1700 mm
• Working Air Source: Air pressure 0.4-0.5 Mpa

Electronic Component
• Main Motor - Gongiai
• Servo Motor - Inovance

Electric Elements:
• PLC - Idec
• Relay - Idec
• HMI - Weinview (Taiwan)
• Servo Motor Driver - Inovance
• Frequency Converter - Schneider
• All Other Electrical Parts - Schneider
• Photoelectric Switch - Autonics (Korea)
• Encoder - Autonics (Korea)
• Bottom - Autonics
• Sensor - Panasonic (Japan)
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