Print what you want when you want, to deliver your client's marketing message No Minimum Order Volume, and Just-in-time production.

ECO-FRIENDLY packaging gives the opportunity to create attractive personalized luxuries shopping bags, handle paper bags, also ziplock paper bags, food boxes.

PARDUS printing technology gives superior print quality, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your customers BRAND in a very competitive and proficient way, in a way that attracts the shoppers, deliver big value to your client and capture the huge sales growth that your business is awaiting.

• One pass printing incomparable speed.
• Ink circulation system, the entire ink circuit system will circulate, taking away the air in the ink tube to ensure a normal ink supply without affecting printing accuracy.
• PLC operating system, customizable programming.
• Use a high-definition touch screen to control the machine, all operations are completed on the screen, support Chinese/English switching.
• The suction platform sucks the printing material and sets the pressure bar to press the printing material to prevent the edge of the material from lifting and hitting the printhead.
• Water-based pigment ink, dye ink for option, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.
• The entire conveyor belt covers the entire platform, which reduces the friction between the printing material and the printing platform compared to the old strip conveyor belt.
• Using HP print heads, the print width and accuracy can be changed by increasing the number of print heads according to actual

Suitable to Print on Paper/Kraft Paper/Cardboard/coated

• Model: PA-30
• Application: Paper bag box packaging printing
• Print Head: HP452
• Print Head Quantity: 2 pcs
• Print Colors: CMYK
• Suitable Ink: Water Base Ink: Dye & Pigment
• Print Speed:High Speed: 30m/min; Middle: 15m/min; Low: 10m/min
• Print Size: 430 mm
• Max Material Width: 120 cm
• Max material Lenght: 1500 mm
• Max Material Thickness: 80 mm
• Resolution: 1200 dpi
• Power: 1500 W
• Product Size: 2700 x 2530 x 1500 mm
• Auto Feeder
Digital Printing
15 days

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