Newlong 638T+211FK


Designed to make the flat bottom bag width with or without gusset at high speed.

Max. Speed (double cut) Max. Speed (single cut) Cutting Length (double cut) Cutting Length (single cut) Gusset Width
Bag Width
Bottom Folding Width Flap Width
Paper Width
Paper Roll Dia Applicable Paper Weight
1,200 bags / min* 600 bags / min* 210 ~ 300 mm 310 ~ 620 mm Max. 140 mm 60 ~ 380 mm 15 ~ 30mm 7 ~ 20 mm Max. 1,060 mm Max. f1,300 mm 40 ~ 100 g/m2
* This is mechanical speed and depends on bag size, paperweight and quality.
Major Components of Machine and Description
Paper Roll Stand
Longitudinal Pasting Unit
This is a stand for loading the web for making bags. Major equipment;
1. The paper roll is lifted up by means of a driving motor (0.75kw).
2. Max. paper roll diameter is 1,300mm.
3. Paper roll horizontal adjustment by a handle.
4. Switch box for paper roll lifting(Up-Down)
This is to seam paper web longitudinally for making a tube.
1. Paper web transfer roll
2. 1 set of pasting wheel and glue tank is provided.
3. Auxiliary web drawing unit with a differential device is provided.

Forming Unit
Main Unit
The forming unit makes tubes with gusset from the web for making tube using the forming plate.
Major equipment;
1. A fixed forming plate for making 1 size of tube width is included.
2. Manual gusset depth adjustment
3. Nozzle type glue applicator.
This is the most important part of the machine and includes the input from the main motor and output to each component of the machine.
It also includes rollers that draw out tubes, a cutter that cut the tube into the specified length, and various devices that form the bag bottom.
The tube cutting length can be changed in the step of 10 mm by changing the change gears.
Major equipment;
1. Two sets of drawing rollers (Sandblast Type)
2. Rotary cutter with serrated edged or straight edges to cut tube
3. Pinch rollers and bag feed rollers accurately feed the cut tubes.
4. Creasing unit to facilitate bottom forming
5. Flat bottom forming binder to form flat bottom accurately
Bags transferred from the separating cylinder are held, gripped and by running delivery belt, and bags are transferred on the table.
1. Press delivery upper / lower belt
2. Counter to count the preset number of bags
3. Stacking table with conveyor belt.
Steps are provided for easy maintenance and operation, and safety covers are provided.
2 Color Inline Printer will be supplied with the following standard features.
Major equipment;
1. Operate in combination with 638T by direct drive.
2. Capacity of the printer (m/min.) will be suitable to take care in the speed of bag making machine, model 638T.
3. Anilox rollers and ink rollers for 2 colors.
4. Printing cylinders and printing change gears for 1 size for 2 colours
are provided.
5. Drying unit is provided.
Delivery Unit
Step and Safety Cover
1. 7.5KW main motor are included.
2. Electrical Wiring
3. Control Box
4. Standard tools and Spare parts
5. Size change parts for 1 bag size.
Bag Making

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