Block bottom MASTER BAG 550 Carrier Bag Machine


Block bottom MASTER BAG 550 Carrier Bag Machine
working from the roll, In-line twisted loop handle attachment unit, For twisted paper handles
Paper bag cutting length (C) 380-650mm
Paper bag width (W) 220-540mm
Paper bag bottom width (H) 80-250 mm
Paper thickness 90-170g/m2
Max. Paper bag speed 120pcs/min
Paper roll width 630-1510mm
Paper roll diameter Dia1200mm
The inner diameter of the paper roll Dia is 76mm
Handle rope height 110-120mm
Handle rope diameter Dia4-6mm
Handle sheet length 190.5mm
Handle sheet width 80-100mm
Machine supply 380V, 50Hz, three-phase, four wires
Power 39KW
Weight 20000 KGS
Dimension L14000*W6000*H3100mm
PLC Yaskawa Japan
Servo Motor Yaskawa Japan
Servo Driver Yaskawa Japan
Cylinder AirTac Taiwan
Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Schneider Germany
Normal Button Schneider Germany
Emergency Button Schneider Germany
Bearing NSK Japan
Solenoid valve AirTac Taiwan
Photoelectric Eye Color Code Tracking SICK Germany

a turnkey solution for your Paper bag business

Providing you with a professional container logistic service worldwide

covers damages for cargo. Risks covered. Loss or damage during end-to-end transportation

10 days installation, running-in and training.

a global team of service technicians
provides dedicated 24/7 support, primarily based
on remote software access in real-time, meaning
they can support operators while the machine
is running. If required, Gutenberg can also provide
On-Site Support.

12-month warranty/2000 operating hours.
Warranty on units, OEM products and spare
parts (not consumables).

Production Standards
Master bag designs machines with a clear focus
on automation through Industry 4.0, cloud
computing, and the Internet of Things (loT). This
allows for real-time monitoring, full remote
control through, and consolidation of machine
and job data in the cloud.
Bag Making
MB 550 TL

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