ics 2H Inkjet coding Variable data


Eight Recommended Reasons
Intelligent online inkjet printer to meet more
printing needs of the production line

Brand new intelligent system,
online upgrade system
LINUX intelligent system, can be connected to
WIFI online upgrade system, support U disk to
import data, support real-time data variables
(variable QR code, production batch number,
time, etc.)

Convenient and practical,
suitable for various scenarios
Split design, assemble simply , Compact
machine, Move easily

Capacitive touch screen
Metal body, high-definition touch screen is
more sensitive, easy to operate, intelligent Ul
intertace design, easier to operate

Stable Printing
industrial wear-resistant aluminum alloy
nozzles, light weight, high strength, corrosion
resistance, and equipped with 2 sizes printel
head of 12.7mm/25.4mm for choosen

U disk data import
Support picture format JPG PNG GIF and
other formats, support TXT, execl form

Assembly line mass production
Can be connected to different production lines,
effectively improve work efficiency, save labo
costs, widely used in various industries

Cost-effective Consumables
HP original imported fast-drying consumables,
clear printing effect, suitable for various
industries and various materials

Support Customization
RS232 communication interface or WIFI
communication interface, through specific
command or Writransmission.
realize the
real-time variable data transmission of
variable code

Inkjet Coder is a marking and coding Variable data system that anyone can operate and self-install. All functions are accessible via the built-in color touchscreen controller. And connectivity to external devices, via the standard Ethernet, USB, and DB15 Connection Ports, makes for simple/intelligent system integration. use the world's leading HP original inkjet technology, designed with replaceable and plug-and-play cartridges. It has a 600 DPI high-definition display screen, for the best printing quality. With many Ink colors Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible UV security.
This Inkjet Coder can print single or multiple-line prints up to, and within, the maximum print height of (50.8mm), with (2)-(4) stitched print heads. Separate the print heads, for (2-25.4mm) print height, on multiple individual surfaces, printing simultaneously. Print heads can be stitched, in a variety of combinations. Logo, Expiry Date, QR Code, Date, and serial number, bar codes. For all Packaging industries, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, or glass. Also marking on curved and flat surfaces.
Display: 5" high-resolution display
Ink volume: 42ML (usually can print 800 000 characters)
Printing accuracy: 600x600 dpi
Printing speed: 1-90m/min(MAX)
Printing height: 1.2mm - 50.8mm
CPU: Quad-core 1.4GHzX4 Multi-Core Processor
Driver board: TIJ 2.5 original print engine
Operation Menu: Linux system
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
External interface: USB, Photoelectric interface
Spray nozzle: Original imported TIJ2.5 thermal foaming spray nozzle
Printing direction: Adjustable with 360 degrees meet all kinds of production needs
Print code: DM code, bar code, QR Code
Automatic print: Date, time, batch number, Sequence printing
Printing pictures all kinds of logos, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk
Printing line: 1-8 lines (adjustable)
Printing distance: best is 2-5mm
Print serial number: 1-9 place
Ink type: Quick-dry, water, oily ink
Input voltage: AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Output voltage: DC16.8V/2A
Certification: CE/CCC/ISO
Ink Jet Printers
100x25 mm.

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