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Year: 2021
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The top three factors killing your engine are: • Corrosion
• Abrasion
• Accumulated carbon
This accumulated carbon impacts your engine, shorte...

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Category: All Cleaners
Year: 2006

Siemens VAI Rolling Mill Bar Roll Mill plant is a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. The plant was orde...

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With the diversity in our stock for any type of equipment, we are able to offer you a wide range of machines, available from most brands and provide you with the right solution.


Gutenberg’s eco-conscious mission, is aiming towards an ongoing goal of being to be a partner in the “Trees for All” initiative. The initiative plans on sustaining a total of 43 hectares of new forests, We will take pride in being part of this project as this is part of the ‘1 Million Trees Action Plan’ from the province of Limburg.

voltshield printing equipment

Voltshield is designed to regulate and stabilize the fluctuating voltage and make necessary adjustments to the output voltage to ensure a constant supply of electricity. The perfect partner to protect your investment.