MASTER BAG: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Solutions at drupa Fair


As the spotlight shines on the esteemed drupa Fair, a hub of innovation in
the printing and packaging industry, a trailblazer emerges: MASTER BAG. Leading the charge in
sustainability, Gutenberg Grafische machines unveils paper bag machines – for making eco-friendly
paper bags – poised to combat the devastating environmental impact of single-use plastic.
The numbers paint a grim picture: billions of polyethylene bags are deployed worldwide annually,
wreaking havoc on our ecosystems. These persistent pollutants, notorious for their non-
biodegradable nature, degrade into toxic microplastics, infiltrating our food chain and sullying our

Furthermore, the production of plastic bags exacts a heavy toll on our planet, contributing to
greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating climate change. Despite these dire circumstances, the
demand for plastic bags remains unyielding, perpetuating a cycle of environmental degradation.
Enter MASTER BAG machines, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags and embodying a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship. Our eco-friendly bags serve as a testament to our dedication to preserving the planet for generations to come.

But our mission transcends mere product innovation. At the heart of Gutenberg’s ethos lies a
profound belief in the transformative power of education and empowerment. Inspired by the eco-
friendly ethos of Amsterdam, our home base, we strive to catalyze a global movement for
sustainability and environmental conservation.

The symbolism of bees, intricately woven into our brand identity, epitomizes our vision. Bees,
revered for their industriousness and wisdom, underscore the importance of community, continuity,
and regeneration. Like bees in a hive, we operate with purpose and efficiency, united in our mission
to safeguard our planet.

Moreover, we acknowledge the pivotal role of trees in sustaining life on Earth. As the lungs of our
planet, trees purify our air, mitigate climate change, and provide sanctuary for countless species.
Through our commitment to tree conservation and reforestation efforts, we strive to nurture a
healthier ecosystem and foster a profound connection with nature.

At Gutenberg Grafische machines, we firmly believe that every action, regardless of its scale, can
catalyze meaningful change. Whether through our products, advocacy campaigns, or daily practices,
we are steadfast in our commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable living.

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Gutenberg MASTER BAG SFT350
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Block bottom MASTER BAG 550 Carrier Bag Machine
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Fast Food Take Away Square Bottom Paper Bag Machines

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Gutenberg’s eco-conscious mission, is aiming towards an ongoing goal of being to be a partner in the “Trees for All” initiative. The initiative plans on sustaining a total of 43 hectares of new forests, We will take pride in being part of this project as this is part of the ‘1 Million Trees Action Plan’ from the province of Limburg.

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