The critical uses of PP Valve sacks are bundling of :

Construction Industry to fill materials such as cement, sand, gypsum.

Mineral Industry such packaging barite, garnet, graphite, bentonite.

Chemical Industry applied to some powder ,plastic granules, zinc oxide.

Agriculture Industry for packing seeds, animal feed, fertilizer, grains.

Food Industry such as flour, sugar, salt, cocoa, cake , milk powder.

The market has never witnessed a shortfall of these bags.
Affordable price and cheapest among all other packaging bags.
moisture resistant during transport or storage
can be transported during different seasons.
can't be unaffected by the change in the weather.
it is light packaging material in weight tear resistance While transporting bags .
the labour requires handling swiftly makes the handling of bag relatively easy
its chemically inert, and thus, ideal for different material packaging .
The quality of materials deteriorates by reacting with chemicals
the bag. is chemically inert, and thus, ideal for the packaging
it is anti-static and anti-skid properties.
can be stored easily in warehouses and easier to stack.
can be manufactured in varying sizes, Easy for Printing
Attractive packaging helps a brand in marketing products better.
can be easily recycled To increase environmental sustainability.

Feasible material Coated (PP woven) roll
Speed 60-120pcs/min
Sack width 350-600mm
Finished Sack length 400-910mm
Bottom width 80-160mm
Bottom patch width 80-160mm
Finished Bag figure Bottom bags with open Or valve
Base fabric 55-80g/m2
Lamination 15-30 g/m2
Top valve Cutting length 80-200mm
Top valve Fabric width 170-340mm
Bottom patch Cutting length 200-560mm
Bottom patch Fabric width 75-175mm
Power 85KW
Dimension L10000*W8000*H2800mm
Gas source 0.7Mpa, 120 M3/h
Water source 0.4Mpa,1M3/h

Magnetic Valve SMC Japan
Forwarding air cylinder FESTO Germany
Approaching Switch - Photocell Omron Japan
Colour code sensor Panasonic Japan
Industrial computer - Servo Driver DELTA. TAIWAN
Analog / Digital input-output module DELTA TAIWAN
Contact - Middle Relay Schneider France
Bag Making

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