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Master Bag Model high-speed Flat and Satchel paper bag machine.200 up to 600 per minute Made of rigid and Robust Construction in one of the best engineering companies. With a Sturdy construction to ensure safety and quality also stability and speed with less vibration with low noise, High speed, accurate discharge, and minimum chances of industrial downtime. Power saving, and the finest quality output

The machine is suitable for preprinted roll Kraft paper,
From pre-puncturing, side glueing, folding, tube forming, cutting, bottom folding, and glueing, the final product collection can be completed within one time and one operator by this machine.
And according to the customer's requirement, we can also add a window film patching device.
Operation and adjustment are Very Simple and Quick, Change of Size can be done in Few Minutes, with a counting system for speed production So it is Easy to Operate the Machine Successfully.

MASTER BAG is ideal for producing a variety of daily eco-friendly paper bags widely used in bakeries, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, Coffee shops, and Supermarkets.

Paper bag cutting length 110-460mm
Paper bag length (L) 100-450mm
Paper bag width (W) 70-250mm
Side insert width(G) 20-120mm
Bag mouth height 15/20mm
Paper thickness 35-80g/m2
Max. Paper bag speed 220-600pcs/min
Paper roll width 260-740mm
Paper roll diameter Dia 1000mm
The inner diameter of the paper roll Dia is 76mm
Machine supply 380V, 50Hz, three phase, four wires

Max. Printing material width 1000mm
Max. Printing width 960mm
Printing length range 230-1000mm
Max. Printing speed 5-100m/min
Register precision =±0.15mm
The thickness of plate 2.28mm+0.38mm(can be customized)
Power 24KW
Weight 6700 KGS
Dimension L10100*W2100*H2800mm
Bag Making
Flat And Satchel PAPER BAGS FS 1200

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